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Everything You Need to Know About Glass Pool Fencing

Over the last few years, glass pool fencing has become a popular option for pool owners. Understandably so. Pool owners have a responsibility for keeping their pools safe and fenced in. Yet, few want to break their garden vista or interrupt the view of the pool. Glass is a safest pool fencing option because you still get a full view of what is going on around the pool.

Factors to Consider When Styling Your Glass Pool Fencing

Before you set a budget, you’ll have to consider the height and size of your glass fencing. Here you should combine safety requirements as well as the views you want to enjoy. Your glass fence installer will help you to ensure that you comply with local regulations.


 The quote for your glass fencing will include the supply and installation of the fence. There are several factors that will influence the cost. These include the height, width and the type of glass you choose.


The number of entrances may also affect the costs. Frameless glass fencing is more expensive than framed glass pool fencing but frameless fences need less maintenance.

The Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

Aside from the safety aspects. There are several advantages to investing in glass pool fencing. They’re listed below:

Increases property value – glass fencing is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It gives your home a modern feel and will undoubtedly increase the value of your home.

Low maintenance – properly installed your glass pool fencing will last for many years. Glass is almost impervious to the effects of the weather and only requires a good wash with soapy water from time to time.

Replacing your pool wall with glass pool fencing is a sure way to modernize your garden and pool area. It’s a safer option for families with children and it’s an investment in your property.

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Choosing the Best Patio Doors for Your Living Area

Patio doors are full-length glass doors that connect the inside of a room with the outside. The purpose is to create a continuous flow between living areas. They offer lots of light and the illusion of space.

Patio doors come in various shapes and forms that can completely upgrade a room, modernizing it and adding a touch of luxury. Despite this, it is also wise to take into account the size and placement of doors as full glass walls can make a room really warm in summer. Various UV and heat treatments offer insulation from the elements and protection from harmful ultra-violet rays. 


 Most popular patio door types


There is a vast range of patio doors available, we discuss below the three most popular. Even these doors can differ greatly as you choose the frames, the style, and the design.

Sliding patio doors – also known as pocket doors consist of panels. The number of panels will differ according to the aperture size. The selection of sliding door designs includes frameless sliding doors, and stacking doors. The real beauty of sliding doors is that they take very little floor space.

Bi-fold patio doors or accordion doors– fold vertically, giving the impression that there is no barrier between the inside and outside areas. These doors are popular because they open up a wide space and the stacked doors don’t take up much of that space. You can have as many as eight panels in a set of bi-fold patio doors. You can use two of the doors like French doors for ease of use when the bi-folds are not required. 

French or hinged patio doors – can swing inwards or outward to suit your home. These patio doors are ideal for smaller apertures.

Open your living areas to the beauty of nature with patio doors that fit your lifestyle space.

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Should I Get Retrofit Windows?

Perhaps your windows aren’t doing as a good a job they should at keeping the wind and cold out of your living areas and you’re considering your options? By and large, your first big decision is whether to install new construction windows or go with the cheaper and less disruptive option of retrofit windows. Let’s discuss your choices.

Retrofit Windows

If your window frames are in a reasonably good condition and you’re happy with their size and placement, retrofit windows are a good option. When you opt for retrofit windows, there is no need to make alterations to the frames or structure. For this reason, they are a lot cheaper than new construction windows. With retrofit windows, there is no building or restoration work needed.



Retrofit windows are quick and easy to install. If you’re looking for less disruption and a cheaper option, retrofit windows are best for you.

New Construction Windows

If your frames need replacement or if you’re not happy with the size or placement of your windows, retrofit windows won’t work for you. When you opt for new construction windows, the siding or stucco is removed from the surrounding walls. This exposes the opening all the way down to the frame.

The installer will remove any damaged or rotting wood to ensure that the new window is securely installed into a wall that will last. Though new construction windows allow you to completely change the look of your home and increase the size of your windows, it comes at a cost

It will take a lot longer to prepare the window openings for the new window fitment. There will also be reconstruction work once the windows are in place. All the extra work ensures that the installation of these windows is considerably more expensive than the retrofit option.

New Construction or Retrofit Windows? You decide.

The options come down to personal choice, circumstance and budget. If you really want to brighten up your home with bigger windows or if the area around the windows is showing signs of age, it may be worth the extra cost and effort to fit new construction windows.

If you’re on a tight budget and you’d like a quick and easy installation, retrofit windows may be the answer. Speak to us we’ll help you with your choices.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Gym Mirrors

There are many advantages to upgrading your home gym by installing mirror walls. Gym mirrors help you to keep an eye on your form and progress and could help to avoid injury. They also add space and light to the gym and give it a professional appeal.



Finding the right space for your gym mirror

Mirror walls are permanently attached so it’s important that you choose the right spot for your gym mirrors. Here are some guidelines Choose a wall that isn’t too close to your weight rack. Consider the fragility of glass in choosing where it should go

To maximize light reflection, place the mirror on a wall that is perpendicular to the window rather than on the opposite wall

Don’t worry too much about electrical fittings or imperfections in the chosen wall as your glass installer can work around these. Cut-outs for electrical installations may add cost to the project so discuss your needs with the professionals.

How to decide on the size of your gym mirrors

From a practical standpoint, the full mirror length must pass through your doorway. You can, however, choose to place two or more mirrors next to each other to make a full mirror wall.

Unless you plan to do floorwork in your gym, it may be better not to have a floor to ceiling mirror. Though these are perfect for yoga, they’re not usually necessary for weightlifting. Consider your exercise needs in making this decision as sometimes it may be better to leave part of the wall exposed.

Call in the experts

Mirror wall installation is complex and there are decisions to be made before the installation takes place. The experts at Roxy can help with advice at no cost and without obligation. A well-planned project will ensure that you have the mirror walls you always wanted for your home gym.

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Glass Repairs – What are the Causes of Window Glass Cracks

Glass is fragile so we expect a break from time to time. An accident involving broken glass can be quite dramatic, drawing immediate attention to the incident.

Cracks in the window glass, on the other hand, are a little stealthier and may creep up on you. Cracked or broken, you’ll have to arrange for a glass repair or you may choose to replace the window glass yourself.


 We explain the causes of window cracks below:

What caused that crack in your window?

When most of us think of window glass damage, we picture a strike by an object like a ball or stone. Yet, this is, by no means the only source of window glass damage.

Aging frames - in older houses where window frames are aging and the glass is fragile, cracks may happen quite easily. Even opening and closing the sashes can cause a crack. If this is the case, you may have to consider window replacements

Impact - An impact crack, the result of a knock by a hard object is usually easy to recognize. You should see a center point, the impact zone, with radiating cracks

Thermal stress cracks - Though not common in warmer climes, thermal stress on the pane can cause the glass to crack. This type of damage happens most often on large windows that are partially shaded. They can also happen when it’s really cold outside and rather warm inside. A stress crack is usually very small and close to the edge of the glass. The crack will grow with time

Pressure cracks – Though they seldom happen, pressure cracks are most common on double pane and insulated glass. These cracks are hourglass-shaped and they’re caused by severe changes in barometric air pressure.

If your window glass is cracked or broken, give us a call, and we’ll send out the experts in glass repair.

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The Best Windows for Reducing Noise

When customers approach us about new window installations, they’re often aware of the energy-saving potential of glass. Yet, few consider the many ways in which windows can help to reduce noise in the home. If you’re battling with sleeplessness caused by outside noise, some window treatments may be all you need to correct the problem. As professionals at your San Jose glass company, we’re here to help.

 Here are some of the methods that you can use to reduce the noise in your home.


Glass treatments that help to reduce noise

Some windows are better at soundproofing than others. Here are some of the factors to consider

Thicker glass – to effectively reduce noise, choose glass that is at least 0.2”

Laminated glass – although the main purpose of laminated glass is security, it also muffles sound. Laminated glass is heat-treated and bonded together with a thin plastic sheet.

Double or triple glazing – multiple panes of glass help to reduce noise. The thicker the combined panes the less invasive the noise.

Bigger air gaps – the bigger the air gap between the panes the less noise will enter the room. Discuss your options with your San Jose glass company.

Other Noise Muffling Options

In addition to the changes above, there are other actions that you can take to improve the noise insulation in your home.

Make sure that your window frames are properly sealed by caulking gaps and applying weather seal to all moving window components

Hang heavy drapes or acoustic curtains to help deaden the sound from outside

Consider ways in which you can improve the sound insulation of your siding.

Professionally Fitted Windows

For the best results in noise reduction, have your window improvements professionally fitted. Visit the professionals at Roxy, your San Jose glass company.

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How to Clean Your Glass Pool Fencing

There are so many benefits to installing glass pool fencing in your garden. It offers unobstructed views of the garden. This makes the space seem so much bigger than it would if it was bounded by walls. Glass pool fencing is also a safer option as you can see exactly what is happening in the pool area. A clear view of the pool means that you can quickly take action when trouble is brewing.


Keeping your glass pool fencing clean


You know how to maintain your pool but do you know the best way to clean and maintain your glass pool fencing. Keeping your glass fencing sparkling clean is essential to the whole appearance of your outdoor area. Smudges and dirt in the glass could also impair your view into the pool area making it more difficult to pick up hazards as they occur. Fortunately, glass is very easy to maintain and keep in pristine condition.

Hose down the glass fencing to remove any loose dirt and debris. When it comes to cleaning your glass pool fencing, the best solution is dishwashing fluid in a bowl of warm water. You don’t need any fancy window cleaners required. Use a soft sponge to wipe down the glass. Clean any spigots with a cloth or sponge. Rinse the soapy water off with a hose. Dry the glass with a lint-free cloth or paper towels.

What to do with stubborn marks

Minerals and chemicals can accumulate on the glass if you don’t clean it regularly. These stains may be difficult to remove. It is best to deal with these by spraying a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water onto the panels. Use newspaper to clean the glass. Anything more abrasive will cause damage to the glass.

Glass pool fencing is easy to maintain. Keep yours crystal clean for safety and a clear view.

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What To Do When a Window Breaks at Your San Jose Home – Glass Repair and So Much More

We’ve all experienced that adrenalin rush when we hear a window smash at home. More often than not, a budding Roger Clemens has tossed a ball through your living room window. Here’s what you need to do in the run-up to the glass repair company arriving at your San Jose property.


 Cordon off the area


You don’t want anyone cutting their feet. Keep animals and children away from the area. Make sure that everyone has shoes on. Be careful around the glass. You don’t want to cut yourself either.

Clean the area

While it is necessary to clean the area and make it safe, it is important that you take safety precautions while cleaning up. Wear gloves and closed shoes. Clean the bigger pieces of glass with a broom and dustpan. Discard the glass carefully so that people removing rubbish, don’t cut themselves.

If you have a vacuum cleaner that can manage glass, use it to suck up the smaller shards.

Board up the window

If there is a delay in repairs, you may have to close the opening until you can get it repaired. Carefully remove any shards that remain in the frame. It is best to cover the gap with plywood if you have some on hand. Cardboard will do the trick too as long as it isn’t raining.

San Jose glass repair

Now it’s time to decide whether to call in the window repair San Jose experts or to do it yourself. Glass repairs aren’t difficult. So, if you’ve decided to repair the glass yourself take careful measurements and buy your pane and sealant. Alternatively, give Roxy’s a call and we’ll send in the San Jose glass repair experts to fix it for you.

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Don’t Let Structural Issues Get in the Way of Your Home Gym Mirror

If you’re planning a home gym don’t let the placement of your mirrors influence your decision. You may be concerned that the wall on which you plan to place your home gym or dance studio mirror is less than ideal. That is not your problem. More often than not the glaziers can work around construction problems and install your mirror with no problem at all.

Home gym mirrors construction problems

Here are some of the problems that we encounter



Wall corners out of square – mirrors will be cut and adjusted to fit

Walls that are not smooth – glaziers can sort these problems out. They carry shims and spacers with them to ensure that your mirror is safe and perfectly lined up

Strange shapes – glaziers can cut glass to fit walls of any size or shape

Wall fixtures – the glass will be cut to fit over electrical outlets, switches, and other wall fixtures.

Other considerations with home gym mirrors

When it comes to mirror installation there is much to think about.

Which is the best wall for light?

Which wall offers the easiest and cheapest installation option?

Do you need a wall to ceiling installation?

What gauge of glass is safest?

You may need expert advice about all of these questions and more. The answer will help you to make an informed decision before you invest in your home gym or dance studio mirrors.

Call an expert at Roxy’s to evaluate your options and give you an idea of the best installation options for your home gym mirror. Our experts will give you a free quotation with no obligations. We will also provide you with a timeline to complete your project.

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How to tell when you need window glass repairs – know the signs

How do I tell when my windows need glass repairs? That may seem like a pretty obvious question - when the glass is cracked or broken. There are, however, other signs that it is time for window glass repairs. Double glazed windows have a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years. If you know what to look for, you’ll see signs of needed repairs.

Signs that it’s time for window glass repair

It goes without saying, you must quickly replace window panes as soon as there is physical damage like cracks and breaks. Cracked panes are no longer secure and they are also energy inefficient.

Apart from cracks and breaks, there are other signs to look out for. We’ve listed them below:



Water leaks on rainy days – if water seeps in from under or around your window panes, it is likely there are hidden chips or cracks on the edges of the panes. It is also possible that the pane is loose, creating gaps for water to seep through

The panes become misty – you can expect your windows to mist up once in a while. Yet, if they often become misty it is a sure sign that warm air is meeting cold and creating a problem

If outside noise has become a distraction – it may be that the seals on your windows need replacement. Replacing your panes with double or triple glazing could help to reduce the outside noise and restore the peace in your home

Your energy costs are escalating – if you’re using your air conditioner or heater more often than you did before, it may be a sign that your window insulation is no longer effective.

Your windows bring in light and warmth but when they start to fail, they can also allow unwelcome intrusions like noise and dampness into your home. You can prevent this by knowing when window glass repairs are needed.

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