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Setting up a Home Gym with Mirrors

If you’re one of the many people who have grown tired of commuting to the local gym and back, consider the convenience of installing a home gym. Admittedly, not everyone has the space, and unless you are lucky enough to have a vacant basement or garage, you may have to use some imagination to clear a spot for your home gym. The benefits are, however, worth the effort.

Once you have found an area, you need a mirror. Identify the best wall for your home gym mirror installation. Carefully consider the mirror placement since the installation is semi-permanent. Large mirror walls are attached with a powerful adhesive called mirror mastic. If the mirror is installed above the floor, as many are, there will also be a J-channel or L-bar screwed into the wall to hold its weight in place.

Gym or dance studio mirrors are a vital part of any home exercise regime. They enable you to see your body movements, vital for any gym. Incorrect dancing or exercise movements can lead to injury. Watching your body in motion will also help you to build self-confidence and drive progress. 



Finding the Best Place for Your Home Gym Mirror

People are often tempted to place home gym mirrors across from the window. Still, this isn’t the best place, as you may have to contend with glare. The best spot for the mirror wall is generally perpendicular to the window.

A relatively smooth wall is ideal, but a professional glass company can deal with wall bulges by using shims behind the mirror. Glass installers can customize any gym or dance studio mirror to fit structural issues. They will, for example, make mirrors that fit around your light switches and electrical output devices.

It isn’t necessary to install a full floor-to-ceiling home gym mirror. You could reduce the budget by having a mirror installed a foot or so above the floor may save on the number of cutouts required for electrical outlets. Similarly, a mirror can end some way below the ceiling.

Finishing Your Home Gym Mirror

Your home gym mirror should reflect your style, so personalize it with a frame. Alternatively, a beveled edge is a very popular no-nonsense option. Whatever you decide your mirror should fit the style of your home.

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A Guide to Patio Door Options

Patio doors are a delight and can really uplift the family lifestyle by opening areas and transforming spaces. Patio doors come in several designs, from sliding patio doors to hinged French doors and patio folding doors.

Patio Door Design

The first choice to make is the door design. In this, let your space and lifestyle direct you. Here are some of the considerations.

French Doors

Classic French doors look great in traditional homes, though they have become increasingly popular in modern homes too. French doors can open inward or outward to make the best use of space.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doorsare the ideal choice in limited spaces as they need no swing space. With sliding doors, one or more large, framed glass panels slide one over the other. They typically move along a simple rail. Large glass panels ensure that the view beyond the windows is unobscured.



Patio Folding Doors

Patio folding doors, also known as bi-fold doors are made up of several panels and fold up like a concertina. They take little room and can open a wall to the outside. They usually also have a traffic door for easy access when the doors are folded open.

Frame Materials

The choice of frame material depends on factors like your design preferences, budget, climate, and maintenance considerations.


Vinyl is affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. Vinyl is resistant to moisture, rot, and insects. Vinyl is a great choice for areas with changing weather conditions. Vinyl frames come in a variety of colors.


Aluminum is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and sturdy, making it the ideal choice for coastal areas or regions with high humidity. These frames are sleek and modern in appearance. They often feature narrow sightlines to maximize the glass area.


Wood patio doors exude a classic, natural charm, adding warmth and character to your home. Wood frames can be stained or painted to match your interior or exterior design. However, wood requires regular maintenance, like painting or staining, to protect against moisture and decay. While highly customizable, wood frames may be more susceptible to weather-related wear and tear.

Energy Efficiency

Thermal efficiency is an important issue when it comes to windows. Insulation is provided by the frame and the glass. To maximize energy efficiency, choose double or triple-glazed windows and a glass coating that reduces thermal transfer. These measures will help to maintain indoor temperatures in winter and summer.

Customize Your Patio Doors

Customize your bi-fold or sliding patio doors to suit your home and lifestyle. Choose the frames, glass, and design to make a personal statement and showcase your style. The choices don’t stop there. You can also customize the hardware and security features. If you need help with the choices, call us, and we’ll take you through a catalog of options.

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Is Laminated Glass the Best Option for Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding glass doors have become increasingly popular in recent years, as homeowners seek to connect indoor and outdoor areas. Sliding glass doors create the illusion of space, inviting light into the room. Patio glass doors are highly customizable. Property owners can select every part of the doors from a wide selection of materials and components.

Amongst the many choices is the type of glass to use. Laminated glass is known for its strength and architectural prowess. Still, it is expensive, and many may wonder whether it is worth the extra cost. Here are some of the benefits of laminated sliding glass doors.

Safety First

Laminated glass takes safety to the next level. Traditional glass shatters into sharp fragments on impact. Laminated glass stays intact, held together by the interlayer. Laminated glass consists of two or more layers of glass bonded together by a durable interlayer. The interlayer, composed of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), holds the glass layers in place even if they break. 


 Enhanced Security


The main reason for using laminated glass is the added security it provides. The interlayer is a barrier that resists attempts at penetration. Intruders can’t easily gain access through laminated glass. This extra security level gives homeowners and commercial property owners peace of mind.

Noise Reduction

The hustle and bustle of urban living can sometimes lead to unwanted noise. Laminated glass has sound-dampening properties that help reduce noise transmission. It creates a quieter and more serene living environment. The noise reduction aspect is especially beneficial for properties close to busy streets.

UV Protection

The Bay Area's abundant sunshine is both a blessing and a challenge. While natural light is cherished, UV rays cause furniture, fabrics, and artwork to fade with time. Laminated glass blocks a significant amount of harmful UV radiation. In this way, it protects interior furnishings, preserving vibrant colors.

Energy Efficiency

Laminated glass contributes to energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer and maintaining indoor temperatures. The result is reduced heating and cooling costs.

Environmental Considerations

With an increasing focus on sustainable living, laminated glass aligns with environmental values. It contributes to energy efficiency, reduces the need for artificial lighting, and supports a more comfortable living environment with minimal impact on the planet.

Safe and Serene

Embrace the elegance of laminated sliding glass doors in your Bay Area home. Open the door to a world of sophistication, safety, and serenity.

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Maximizing ROI: How Retrofit Windows Add Value to Your Home

Investing in retrofit windows can provide a significant return on investment (ROI). They bring financial benefits and add market appeal to your property.

What are Retrofit Windows?

Retrofit windows fit into the existing window frame. There is no need to remove the entire window unit. Retrofit installation is more convenient and cheaper than a full window replacement.

Retrofit windows are an ideal choice when the window frames are still in good condition. They allow homeowners to upgrade their windows with no extensive construction or change to the surrounding structure.




Improved Property Value

Retrofit windows will enhance the appeal of your home. These windows come in an array of styles, designs, and finishes. Upgrading outdated or worn-out windows with modern, aesthetically pleasing windows enhances the aesthetics. The upgrade contributes to a higher perceived value, so buyers view your property as more appealing.

Cost Savings

Designed with modern materials and technologies, retrofit windows are thermally efficient. They can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs by reducing heat transfer and drafts.

Lower energy consumption leads to reduced utility bills, a significant financial benefit. These cost savings accumulate over time. Potential buyers recognize the value of energy-efficient homes. This makes retrofit windows an attractive feature, boosting the perceived value of your property.

In some regions, there may be government incentives for energy-efficient home improvements. These incentives can further enhance the ROI by reducing upfront costs.

Beyond the Bottom Line

Retrofit windows can improve indoor comfort by minimizing drafts, reducing outside noise, and maintaining consistent indoor temperatures. These factors create a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

When the time comes to upgrade your windows, examine your options and make the right choices. A professional window installer can help you to invest well for an effective return on investment.

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The Cost of Ignoring Cracked and Broken Window Glass: Why Timely Window Glass Repair is Essential

Windows are vital, providing natural light and ventilation. They also contribute to aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and comfort. Damaged or compromised window glass can have far-reaching consequences. Property owners must address window glass damage, to protect the property and the well-being of the occupants.

Compromised Security and Safety

Damaged or broken windoThe Cost of Ignoring Cracked and Broken Window Glass: Why Timely Window Glass Repair is Essentialw glass compromises the security and safety of your property. Intruders can easily exploit weakened or shattered glass, so your home is more vulnerable to break-ins. Damaged glass also increases the risk of accidents, especially where children or pets are present. Prompt repair ensures that your windows provide the necessary protection against external threats. It also reduces the risk of injury.


Escalating Energy Costs

Windows play a crucial role in maintaining energy efficiency. Damaged or improperly sealed window glass allows drafts to enter and conditioned air to escape. Heating and cooling systems must work harder to compensate for the energy loss. This inevitably leads to increased energy consumption and higher utility bills. Timely window glass repair restores the window’s insulation properties, reducing energy waste.

Interior Damage and Mold Growth:

Moisture can enter your home through damaged window glass. Dampness will cause interior damage and encourage fungal growth. Prompt window glass repairs help to prevent moisture and safeguard structural integrity. Sealed windows maintain a healthy indoor environment.

Aesthetics and Comfort

Cracked or foggy window glass compromise aesthetics. Broken glass diminishes the room’s visual appeal. Damaged glass may obstruct or distort natural light, affecting the ambiance and comfort. Prompt window glass repair restores the clarity and beauty of your windows.

Prompt Window Glass Repairs Save Money

Ignoring window glass damage can have costly consequences. Consequences range from compromised security to escalating energy costs and structural damage.

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Classic Paned Windows add Function and Style

Paned windows can add a classic, traditional touch to any home. The choice of paned window styles is enormous, from casement and picture windows to bay windows. This wide selection means you can tailor your new windows to suit your preferences.

Your choices will affect not just the appearance of your home. Energy efficiency and soundproofing are also an issue, as you can install double or triple-paned windows.

Paned windows come in your choice of materials, from timber to fiberglass, and aluminum to vinyl. The material you choose will affect the cost, energy efficiency and durability. So, discuss the material options with a professional glass installer.

You can also add low-emissivity (low-e) coatings to the glass you choose. These coatings reflect heat into the room, keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler in summer.

The Benefits of Double and Triple-Paned Windows

Double and triple-paned windows are significantly more energy-efficient than single-paned windows. This is because they provide an extra layer of insulation. The space between the panes is usually filled with gas, such as argon or krypton. These inert gases add another level of insulation.

●Double-paned windows are 30% more efficient than single paned windows.

●Triple-paned windows are up to 50% more efficient than single-paned windows.

An extra layer of glass will also reduce noise from the outside, ensuring a quiet and peaceful home.

Double-paned glazing is more difficult to break. Your paned windows could offer extra security as the framing, and double glazing makes it harder for intruders to gain access to your home.

Installing paned windows will increase the value of your home or building. The energy efficiency, durability, and design options of paned windows make your property more attractive to potential buyers.

So Many Options

There are so many options for customizing paned windows to your preferences. Though single-sheet glass windows may seem like the best option, paned glass windows have benefits of their own. A professional glass installer can help you to make choices that fit your lifestyle and budget.

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Sliding Patio Doors or French Doors; Which are Best?

If you’re installing new patio doors in your home, you may wonder what type of patio door to go with. There are so many options. Still, French and sliding patio doors are amongst the most popular choices. Each has its own benefits.

French doors have always been popular amongst owners of traditional homes, and French doors are also increasingly finding their way into contemporary home settings.

Sliding doors consist of large glass doors that slide one over the other. They take little space as they are flush with the wall.





French and sliding patio doors are both beautiful options. Their installation will improve the aesthetics and comfort in any room. These doors bring in light and the illusion of space. Here are the factors to consider in choosing sliding vs French doors.


The costs of the doors will differ depending on what material you choose for the frame, the glass and the finishes. Overall, French doors are more expensive than sliding doors.

Patio Door Design

If you have an older home, you may prefer to stick with a more traditional French door. French doors come in a variety of beautiful, elegant designs.

Sliding patio doors have bigger frames, so you can enjoy large unobstructed views of your garden. You can also opt for built-in blinds on sliding patio doors to improve the privacy factor.


Sliding doors are great space savers. You don’t have to worry door opening space. French doors are great for opening up a whole wall when both sashes are open. They frequently have side opening windows. You can opt to have the doors open inward or outward to make the best use of space.


French doors are more secure. They can be fitted with many different locks and the glass panes are smaller than those on sliding doors.

In the end, the best patio doors for your home will depend on your lifestyle needs, the size and shape of the rooms, and your budget.

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What is Glass Made of?

Roxy Glass Celebrates the International Year of Glass

Glass forms an integral part of our everyday lives, from kitchen glassware to computer screens and windows through which we watch the outside world, glass is everywhere. For the team at the San Jose Glass Company, glass is also our business. We make and install windows and we attend to San Jose glass repairs on a daily basis. This year we’re celebrating the International Year of Glass.

Glass Has a Long History

While glass may seem fragile, it can last for centuries and has been around for a long time. Glass artifacts date back to 3600 BCE. First made in Egypt and Mesopotamia, glass was initially used for jewelry and then for eating and drinking vessels. Glass occurs naturally as a result of volcanic eruptions. It is called obsidian and was used to make spearheads in ancient times.

Glass has undergone very few changes across the ages. Though today, some glass products, like windshields, are less inclined to break, thanks to modern technologies.

Glass is Environmentally Friendly

Glass is made from plentiful, natural materials. Sand, limestone and soda ash combine at high temperatures to form the transparent material found in homes and businesses across the world.

Glass is easily recyclable and undergoes no reduction in quality during the process. Surprisingly, recycling also uses fewer resources than the original glass production process. The amount of waste produced in the manufacture of glass is also low because almost all waste goes straight back into the product.

People value glass for its sustainability. It can help to reduce energy use as it insulates buildings against climatic conditions. It also provides natural light, enhancing living conditions. Lightweight glass fiber is used to build energy efficient transport vehicles.

2022 is the International Year of Glass

The team at Roxy Glass knows the value of glass. That’s why we’re committed to improving the lives of our customers with beautiful glass windows and doors. Give us a call for your next San Jose glass or mirror repair job. We’re fast, professional, and very affordable.

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When Should You Install San Jose Replacement Windows?

Installing new windows can be an expensive business. Still, new windows will improve the property aesthetics along with the value of your home. Some property owners have no choice but to replace their windows.

Retrofit windows may offer alternatives where the frame and the surrounding structure are sound. Still there may be times when your San Jose home needs new windows.


 New Windows the Only Alternative


There comes a time when your building cries out for new windows. These are the circumstances under which you should consider new windows. If you’re having doubts consult your San Jose glass company for advice.

Rotting wood – rotting window frames can cause dampness in your home. Dampness and mold are bad for your health. You can’t reverse wood rot so choose to change your window frames to weatherproof alternatives like uPVC

Drafty windows – poorly fitted or maintained windows are often drafty, allowing the cold into your home and pushing up your energy bills. Getting your windows replaced can help to banish the wind, keeping your home warm and snug throughout the colder months.

Difficult to open – if your windows are difficult to open, there is probably an underlying reason. Get the problem diagnosed. You may find that a retrofit window could solve the problem

Modernization – if your home is looking dated and the windows are small or misplaced, you could give your home a full facelift with a new set of windows. It’s a big undertaking but it will improve your living spaces and enhance the property value

Energy efficiency – tired of elevated energy bills? Install energy-efficient windows and save money and the environment.

Choosing New Windows for Your San Jose Home

When it comes to new window choices, there is a wide range to choose from. Consider the style of your home when you decide which windows. You’ll want functional windows that are practical and that complement the architecture of the building.

Window frame materials include timber, aluminum, and uPVC, each offering benefits of its own. Consider the cost, aesthetics, durability, and maintenance requirements when making your choice. Speak to the professionals at your San Jose Glass Company.

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Why Choose Patio Doors?

Beautiful, elegant patio doors can make such a difference to your living spaces. They open up areas and make your home look so much bigger. They bring in the light and can save you money on energy.

Best of all, when it’s time to upgrade or downscale, you will find that your investment in patio doors will pay back dividends. Stylish and well-installed patio doors add value to your property.



The Benefits of Patio Doors

There are several reasons why patio doors make such a good choice

Natural light – nobody likes a dark and dingy home. Invite the light in when you install a full wall patio door. They light up almost any room in the house from the living room to the dining room and bedrooms. All can benefit.

Creating great spaces – patio doors merge inside living spaces with your outdoor entertainment areas. They almost bring the garden into your home. They extend your entertainment areas so that you have more space to welcome your friends and family to join you on the patio, around the fire, or at the poolside

Lasting durability – well-installed patio doors will last for decades. They need little maintenance and will look good for years

Enhancing the value of your property – there are few investments that can offer you the returns that a patio door installation can. Patio doors make your house more desirable, increasing the value of your property

Energy efficiency – most patio doors are made with energy-efficient glass so you can save on energy when you replace your old drafty windows with new stylish energy efficient patio doors

Improved ventilation – you can even save energy in the summer months. Rather than resorting to fans and air conditioners in the summer, you can open the doors and enjoy the breeze.

There are so many reasons why you should choose to install patio doors. They are not just an investment in your property, they are a lifestyle investment too. They increase your living space and invite natural light into your home. Modern patio doors are also very secure.

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